Too fast? Too slow? Too spooky? Too stiff? Too nervous? We will all encounter one or more likely several of these or many other issues at some stage in our horses. A well-trained horse or pony with a correct way-of-going has untold benefits – a ride which is more enjoyable, more competitive, more powerful, more responsive… A horse which is more relaxed, more commercial and so more valuable.

In modern day horse sport, riders, owners and producers have begun to recognise the vital importance and value of correct, professional schooling and production of their horses, both young and old. A former “Silver Spurs” dressage champion, Nicola has always devoted a considerable amount of time to her own flatwork training and education. One of her greatest strengths is her understanding of how to improve a horse’s rideability without resorting to strength or force, big bits or draw reins. Dramatic improvements to a horse’s way-of-going, physical appearance and even temperament can take place through correct and empathetic training, not to mention rendering the horse or pony easier for its owner to ride and more valuable to a potential purchaser. Professional schooling is also often an invaluable addition to a rider’s own coaching, to ensure that the horse is mentally and physically capable of doing what the rider is asking of it. This can be particularly useful with ponies, where a child may not have the physical strength needed to train a new skill to their pony.

If there is an aspect of your horse’s or pony’s rideability that you wish to improve, Nicola would be delighted to advise you on what way to proceed.