Nicola is an accomplished coach with the internationally-recognised HSI Level 2 qualification.

Having worked with riders from Riding Club to Grand Prix level, under-10s to over-40s, all that’s required to train with Nicola is an enthusiasm for the sport and a desire to learn. Adopting a soft, understanding approach to both horse and rider education, the all-important fundamentals of good riding and established flatwork are a significant focus in Nicola’s coaching and training program. Always having considered herself a “taught” rider as opposed to a natural rider, Nicola appreciates the importance of a good coach and good communication skills. A thorough understanding by both the rider and the horse of what is required from each makes for enjoyable and successful learning and progression, and this is one of the main aims in Nicola’s approach to coaching.

Being capable of demonstrating the skills being asked of a rider by their coach on the rider’s own horse is an essential part of the learning process and is often found lacking in coaching sessions. From her own learning experience Nicola has found this invaluable and will work with her students’ horses both to demonstrate new skills to the students and to ensure the horse has a correct understanding of the tasks being asked of him.

With a full course of new show jumps and a top class jumping surface, NFG Equestrian is the ideal location for coaching and training. Nicola also offers coaching at competitions both nationally and overseas, as well as clinics throughout the year.

“As a producer of young event horses, developing and maximising my horses’ potential as well as furthering my own skills as a rider is essential. I find Nicola’s approach to coaching and training very empathetic towards my horses as well as very candid and straightforward from my own point of view. Her extensive knowledge of flatwork and focusing on the basics sets her apart from other show jumping coaches I have worked with. She always works towards maximising each horse’s potential by assessing them as individuals and taking a long-term approach, which has certainly paid off since I began training with her.”